Mood Pocket Mud Bucket

Mood Pocket Mud Bucket

Ages: 4-8

Sonia, a child of many moods and many faces, lives on a farm in northern British Columbia with her mother and father, many adventuresome cows, and chickens with hip waders. Their nearest neighbour is Laslo, with his marvelous collection of old washing machines, used T.V. sets and a backhoe bucket.

When the cows break out of their corral, and heavy rains turn the pasture land to lake, Sonia, Laslo and the backhoe bucket manage a roundup second to none in excitement and charm.

Mood Pocket Mud Bucket is a true story based on Deborah’s daughter Sonia and her adventures with her friend Les.

Mood Pocket Mud Bucket was on the shortlist for the 1989 The Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Prize.