Hound Without Howl

Hound Without Howl

Ages: 5-10

What could be a more inspired choice of a pet for an opera-loving bachelor than a basset hound? When Howard finds Clayton the basset in a local pet shop, he can hardly wait to bring the friendly dog home. What beautiful music they could make together!

But, alas, Clayton is a hound without howl, a bayless basset. No matter what Howard does to inspire the dog to express himself musically, Clayton remains mute. Neither dog food soup laced with bayleaf nor a bay window for his doghouse overlooking the bay will coax the hound out of his good natured silence.

At last Howard must admit defeat and console himself with the fact that, despite this disappointment, his quiet hound has many other admirable doggie qualities.

And of course it isn’t until Howard accepts the inevitable and allows his dog to pursue his natural inclinations that the miracle finally happens.

Besides introducing young readers to the many uses of the word bay, Hound Without Howl is a warm and funny tale of true friendship that will delight children of all ages.